A threefold approach, securing a healthy future for forests, people and wildlife

Everything is connected. Forests store water, people use that water for agriculture. Forests deliver fruit, for people and wildlife. Bats and birds spread the seeds of trees. People need trees for timber. Conserving forests and wildlife serves different purposes and needs. Getting to know these connections is essential for our future survival. Conserving goes hand in hand with learning.

YANI has established effective approaches to truly protect the forest against illegal hunting, logging and mining. Cooperation with the authorities and local communities is essential, in some cases law enforcement is the only option left to arrest gangs of bushmeat hunters and timber traders.

YANI offers economic alternatives to avoid local communities get involved in illegal activities. YANI acts as a partner that creates trust and works on a prosperous future. Cacao farming and teak planting is applied at various places near Nantu Forest. YANI offers help to enter the market with the cacao harvest.

Learning about the beauty and role of forests for mankind is an essential part of YANI’s work. YANI develops materials for primary schools and hosts pupils in nature camps. YANI encourages authorities to take decisions that will benefit forest and people. Conserving and learning go hand in hand.

Protect the Forest

Nantu Forest is seriously threatened. Illegal logging, hunting and mining takes its toll. And the communities suffer, losing land, losing resources. With the help of communities and the authorities YANI has developed various methods to curb forest destruction, illegal hunting and water pollution. Securing a safe haven is a precondition for sustainable forest management.

YANI is aware that these activities sometimes create tension. Over the years the organization has gained substantial support for these efforts in particular since the illegal practices are often conducted by groups of people that originate outside the region.

YANI’s results on curbing forest destruction and illegal hunting are impressive. Yet, new groups of timber collectors and hunters regularly appear. The organization thus has to remain allert and interventions and law enforcement by police squads will have to be supported.

Join Communities

YANI cooperates closely with the communities that live around Nantu Forest. Several agricultural projects that generate income have been initiated. For instance cacao farming. Thousands of seedlings have been planted on two locations near Nantu Forest. Strengthening the economic position of the communities means creating alternatives for harvesting from the forest.

And what’s even more; the beans that are grown and harvested with the help of YANI are now part of a project to make real chocolate out of them! Once this delicacy is produced, the revenues from the sales of the chocolate will return to the farmers and communities around Nantu Forest. Nantu chocolate is on its way!

Secure the Future

Education and awareness programmes are an important part of YANI’s work. Learning from and enjoying the forest. YANI pays special attention to schoolkids. Colouring and poetry competitions, study visits to Nantu Forest, producing colour storybooks on Nantu, and learning English. Exchanging information with the young generation to secure a safe future for Nantu.

And the other way around; YANI’s staff is daily learning from the people they cooperate with. Farmers and school kids provide YANI with essential information. It is important to know how YANI’s activities are received. This allows the organization to adjust its programme where and when needed.

And let’s not forget Nantu Forests’s crucial role in securing a healthy future for people and wildlife. It forms a key resource of fresh and clean water. Mining ad logging are a serious threat to this important function of the forest. A bright future lies ahead for the children of Nantu when the forest is well protected.