Recent News

A workshop on Biodiversity Curriculum materials was facilitated 4 - 5 April 2014 by YANI in partnership with the Gorontalonese Provincial government (Environment and Education departments). The workshop was opened by the Provincial Government Secretary (Sekda), Professor Winarni Monoarfa and led by Dr. Sri Nurani Kartikasari (PhD on Stakeholder Perceptions of Biodiversity in Gorontalo, University of Lincoln, New Zealand, funded by the UK government’s Darwin Initiative Programme through YANI). 40 participants from Gorontalo Province (teachers, educators and related

government staff) attended, the purpose was to consult with local stakeholders on a 100-page draft of Conservation Curriculum Materials for primary school children in Gorontalo province already prepared by Dr. Kartikasari. YANI plans to integrate these into the Indonesian Environment Ministry’s existing national Adiwiyata Schools Environment Programme. A visit by the workshop group was made to Kabila Primary School Six, which has been ranked first in Gorontalo Province for its Conservation achievements under the Adiwiyata programme.

The workshop group were warmly welcomed at this school by the headmistress and pupils: welcome dances and songs were performed by the children. Participants expressed extremely positive feedback on this whole activity, which was funded by ADMCF and Save Our Species (IUCN). Next steps will include adding all stakeholder feedback into the draft Curriculum Materials followed by colour printing of the Teachers Handbook and Pupils Activity Book, to be disseminated to primary schools throughout Gorontalo Province.

Selected Archive News

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