Forests mean life

Nantu, a forest on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. But not an ordinary forest, nor an ordinary island. Nantu Forest is one of the last strongholds for Sulawesi’s richness. Healthy air and healthy water for the people around Nantu Forest, unequalled wealth in wildlife. Home to hundreds of species that are only found on Sulawesi, nowhere else on earth.

The future of Nantu Forest is as much in the hands of the people living around Nantu, as it is in your hands. Despite Sulawesi’s rich ànd threatened nature, conservation support is hard to get. Your contribution is therefore invaluable and highly appreciated. Contact us to support YANI.

Since its founding in 2002 YANI has received support from a wide range of individuals, organizations and governmental bodies. The board, staff and volunteers of YANI are extremely grateful for this support without which conservation and development work would have come to a halt.

• Protect the forest
• Join communities
• Secure the future

We are extremely grateful to our current partners for their support