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Nantu, a forest on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. But not an ordinary forest, nor an ordinary island. Nantu Forest is one of the last strongholds for Sulawesi’s richness. Healthy air and healthy water for the people around Nantu Forest, unequalled wealth in wildlife. Home to hundreds of species that are only found on Sulawesi, nowhere else on earth.

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Talking conservation and development is easy, YANI puts the words into practice with concrete initiatives and tangible results in and around Nantu Forest. Curbing illegal logging, planting seedlings, taking schoolkids to the forest. Support YANI, enjoy Nantu Forest and join communities in their effort to secure a healthy future for this unique place on earth.

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Nantu’s forest facing endless threats (Jakarta Post, March 2012)

“It is always lively and noisy in the forest of Nantu in the morning.” read more

Paving the way to the future (Jakarta Post, March 2012)

“Citra and Meldian are both 20 years old and students of English.” read more

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A new generation of Indonesian conservationists (IUCN, July 2012)

“My name is Mansur. I waded across the rushing Nantu River.” read more

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YANI and Gorontalo Province facilitate biodiversity workshop (April 2014)

40 participants from throughout Gorontalo Province (teachers, educators,... read more